Life Became Hard
Solve life hard to save dear friends

By mentioning life hard situations or experiences, it is possible to preview and avoid the loss of friends or important opportunities. The following group of articles describe experiences rather than conceptual realities or circumstances. That is why I think it is a good place to start the readings that this site offers you.

In this series of articles, Life Became Hard, I want to help us, you and me, to live more humanely in the basics, in a world that pushes us to live with ever-increasing acceleration, almost without thinking, running towards a goal uncertain and without a sense that satisfies our deep longings.

I include these articles now, in this portal, in order to show more vividly the way we are losing peace in our life hard time. The topics covered include love, competitiveness, judgment, knowledge, faith, morals, family, hope, God, the person and also peace. I am hopeful that they can be of great help to the reader, especially if you read them calmly and with an open mind.

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Contextual index of life hard articles

    1. We are losing loveThe feeling of dissatisfaction is global, with some exceptions, and we wonder, almost never in depth, what is wrong with our lives. We are forgetting how to love.
Happiness and love.
Bliss and pain.

    2. We are competing too much. Life became hard for us, in large part, by the ferocity of the current way of competing, especially in professional work.
Competent and/or competitive.
Causes of unhealthy competitiveness.

    3. We are losing criteriumLife became hard for us, in large part also, due to the lack of criteria to plan it in its entirety and thus give it a proper and complete meaning.
We have to plan our live modularly.
We must also plan the content of our life.
It is a lack of criteria to live demanding the impossible.

    4. We are losing knowledge. Much of the difficulty of life today lies in realizing that something is wrong, without knowing what it is; it is a true loss of consciousness.
Serious consequences of subjectivism.
Mental openness and currents of thought.
The paradoxical tragedy of television.

    5. We are losing faithThe given word is worth less and less. We believe each other less and less. And each time we believe less in each other.
Believing someone something vs believing in someone.
Truth, truthfulness, falsehood and lies.
Importance of faith in our lives and in the sciences.

The following 6 articles are in the process of translation.

    6. We are losing morals. Morality is a highly controversial topic, more than politics and sports, and even more than religion.
Two fundamental orders.
The shocking and life hard moral criteria of a pagan.
Morality as the guide to happiness.

    7. We are losing familyMany couples think that marriage is a bad option today.
There are obligations also in freedom.
The historical process of family disunity.
The work of parents and children today favors family disunity.

    8. We are losing hopeDo we or do we not have hope? Is it increasing or decreasing? These questions may not even be clear.
Importance of love and cultivation of values ​​and virtues.
Projects fueled by hope.
Hope shows us a welcoming and beautiful world.

    9. We are losing GodWe are trying to build a civilization without God: legitimate modern project or ... human madness?
Death has been presented as the great victorious.
Non-Christian responses. The Christian response.
Christian heritage.

    10. We are losing personIn this world, as we have done it, managing money is essential. But money has its dark side, because it hurts people. Are we aware of it?
Human rights violations.
What are people? What is a person?
Analysis of money as a violator of human dignities and rights.
The economics of money.

    11. We are losing peaceOur modern society, so technological and consumeristic, offers us a deceptive and false quality of life; the result is that we lack peace. We need a critical attitude to realize what is really happening, so we can defend ourselves.
Accelerating our world.
Without defense before the media.
Problems arising from the established.
Need to have capacity for criticism and self-criticism.

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This website seeks peace, first personal and then social. It tries to discover and correct the mistakes that have been established in the main aspects of our lives: politics, morals, values, religion, etc. This can be seen as something aggressive, without actually being so. It's important to read with a broad mind and without prejudice, with a critical and constructive attitude.