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Reflects the Various Levels of the Gradual Achievement of Peace

It is about personal peace, which undoubtedly contributes to the achievement of social peace.

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As usual, here we also put a site map, which will help us locate ourselves and better understand how the site is growing. The names of the new pages will be added little by little to this map, and the names of the pages that are deleted or removed for any reason will be removed.

In addition, since the writings were born in Spanish, the pages will gradually be translated into English, so that the site becomes bilingual. It will be slow and heavy work, but it will be worth doing. This page will also be translated into English, so the two maps can be compared in both languages; and how the site map in English will gradually reach the one in Spanish.

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  1. index de Paz Cristiana Ensemble nos ayuda a buscar y lograr la paz

    Jul 20, 23 10:59 AM

    Monalisa virus
    Index de Paz Cristiana Ensemble suele descubrir los errores de lo establecido. Se trata de la paz personal, que sin duda contribuye al logro de la paz social.

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  2. Sobre este sitio, aclara el sitio Paz Cristiana Ensemble, sobre la paz

    Jul 01, 23 10:29 PM

    Foto de Paulino
    Sobre este Sitio, Se clara que Sea Bilingue, Espanol-Ingles. Aqui se Ofrecen las Claves para Descubrir los Usuales Errores de lo Socialmente Establecido.

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  3. Misericordia divina continua habla del paso de infinita a extrema

    Dec 25, 21 12:30 PM

    Misericordia divina continua da una explicación razonable de la continuidad de la misericordia infinita a la extrema

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This website seeks peace, first personal and then social. It tries to discover and correct the mistakes that have been established in the main aspects of our lives: politics, morals, values, religion, etc. This can be seen as something aggressive, without actually being so. It's important to read with a broad mind and without prejudice, with a critical and constructive attitude.