Education and Peace
Peace education makes us happy

Our peace education begins    it must begin!    in our family. There are already many who think that peace and general culture should be taught in the family by the parents themselves, lovingly, instead of being delegated to the school.

In order to achieve peace education, there are already many parents who have opted for home education as a better kind of education in countries like the United States and many others.

I prefer to speak of home education in preference to Homeschooling to avoid the possibility of thinking that the home becomes a small school, which would be almost monstrous. The idea is that the home be seen as an interesting and continuous summer course. So the curiosity of each one is satisfied and promoted by the investigation and the study of each person.

Peace education is best achieved at home

The following images show the difference between school education and home education. In school the cause of the group's attention is the teacher, while in home education each one of the learners is the cause of their own attention.

School Education
Home Education

Regardless of whether or not to adopt home schooling, here you can see the proper ensemble that must exist between family and education. The school system of exams and grades has been very unfavorable to due assembly between family and school. Children and teenagers, who go to school, almost always get along badly with their parents because of homework, exams and grades.

And the situation has gotten worse due to the competitiveness that has been promoted lately among students, especially at the university and higher education levels. There are some suicides for this reason. In such circumstances, it is very difficult for youth to live in peace.

In all this, it is obvious the need to achieve due assembly between the family and elementary and middle school, as well as between university education and working life.

Here we find that little by little serious errors in peace education have been established also in the general field of education. It is necessary to discover these errors and try to correct them. We must do so initially as far as we are concerned, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out the appropriate ensemble that allows us to achieve general peace.

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