When talking about values, on the page Values and peace, the issue of death was mentioned, which finally refers us to that of religion, and specifically to that of our religion.

Today, at last, the right to religious freedom is increasingly recognized, that is, the right of every person to have the religion that sincerely seems true to them, even if they may be mistaken, as long as the public order is not altered . And that's because we all have the right to go through the field of error in our sincere search for truth. Otherwise, and being fallible, as we are, we would not really have the right to seek the truth.

An immediate consequence of the right to religious freedom is the right to change religion. Converts have experienced the importance of these rights in living flesh, because if we did not have them, our conversion would not have been feasible, legitimate, or ethical. There are religions, and also movements or ideologies that seek to make sense of our life and solve or deal with the problem of death in some way. We have a varying range, from very structured religions, such as Christianity, to agnostic or atheistic ideologies.

Normally, we grow in the religion of our parents or guardians; but there are usually times in our lives, perhaps in our advanced adolescence, when we question many of the things that have been taught to us or that are accustomed in the society we live in. It is usual for oneself to reaffirm in the religion or ideology that one was previously raised in, but occasionally, and in this time with more frequency, questions, revisions and approaches arise that end in a change of ideology, and even of religion.

There are those who opt for a very personal, very individual form of religiosity or spirituality, in which they directly address God or some superior being, as they understand it, and it is usual that they have to face the problem of the silence of such divinity. The normal thing is to opt for a group, social religiosity, in which there are writings accepted as sacred, priests or ministers, services, rites, worship, and so on. And then there is the contrast between the sacredness of that religiosity and the human failures of its participants, especially those who are clothed with religious authority, such as priests, ministers, gurus, and so on.

Such contrasts also occur in the Christian religion, in all its denominations, whether they are Catholic, Orthodox or those derived from the Reformation, also called Protestants. In this site or portal, as its name suggests, we will address this problem especially in relation to the Christian religion, and mainly in the Catholic Church. The more a religion or church claims to be the true one, or even the only true one, the stronger the contrasts of the human failures of its members and their authorities are presented. And it is very important to find the right way to solve or handle these problematic contrasts.

The problem of such contrasts has always existed, but it has been attempted to have great discretion in this regard, to the extent possible, as is usually done in all societies and groups. And for this, we have tried to see these human failures as a thing of people's private life, which does not have to be made public knowledge. But today, with the modern mass media, it is thought that the public has the right to know many things that were previously ignored. And so, and in combination with how scandalous and sensationalist the media usually is, such human failures, even and especially those of the authorities, have come to light, have been uncovered. As for the media, scandal means news, it gives them rating and economic benefits. Consequentially, they have made known and exaggerated the failures of authorities of various religions, mainly those of the Catholic Church.

In such circumstances, many of the faithful have felt betrayed or deceived and were angry with the Church and even with God. In the past the faithful were rather angry with themselves, mainly due perhaps to not knowing well how to handle our common condition as sinners. In relation to all this problem, some articles are offered in the submenu on the left.

Finally, once again we return to the same thing: little by little serious errors have been established, also in the field of our religion. It is necessary to discover these errors and try to correct them. We must do it initially at least as far as we are concerned, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out the due ensemble that will allow us to achieve peace.

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