World Peace
Our world in the universe is embracing us

When we talk about world peace, we are talking about our human well-being in this world, but we must also consider the well-being of our world in itself and in the universe. That will finally be better for future generations and for us too. 

We can think of our world in the universe. It is a planet that orbits a small star in our galaxy, the Milky Way, which in turn is only one among countless galaxies. But even in its smallness, the Earth is uniquely characterized by its welcoming and hospitable environment for us human beings.

As some futurologists have said, we must look at our planet astronaut-minded as if it were a space capsule that takes care of everything and recycles it; and not look at it with a cowboy mentality, as if it were a rich and immense plain that can be exploited to satisfaction. We are depleting our planet; we are contaminating it; we are destroying it. We are on the verge of destroying ourselves.

Instead we should cultivate our planet and carry out positive constructions, which serve to build more, instead of destroying; or that they serve to live better, to beautify the cities, etc. Much of what we do is destined for war, for competitiveness between nations, between companies and between all kinds of institutions.

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World peace and globalization

Although the current phenomenon of globalization is a good thing, liberalism and capitalism are reviving the horrors of the Industrial Revolution, when the rich exploited the poor to the extreme. Today the same thing is beginning to happen in the absence of effective international laws; and not only rich people exploit poor people, but rich countries are exploiting poor countries. Today about nine million people die every year starving in the world, especially children.

Instead of making positive constructions, such as aqueducts and many others, today we are building a lot for war: airports and planes, aircraft carriers, submarines. We also build factories of all kinds: to build all of the above, in addition to nuclear, chemical, biological pumps, etc. Achievements that lasted years, in wars are destroyed in a few days and even minutes, as clearly happened in World War II, leaving Europe practically undone. In this way, world peace is seriously threatened.

Today we also have other horrors, such as arms trafficking, drug trafficking worldwide, multiple and continuous wars, and the new scourge of terrorism. Nations that develop nuclear weapons are on the rise, and also the so-called dirty bombs; different types of anti-personnel bombs, chemical and biological weapons are also on the rise. It seems that we are determined to kill ourselves, to destroy ourselves. In such circumstances it is very difficult to build and preserve our peace.

And we find that little by little serious errors have been established about world peace. It is necessary to discover these errors and try to correct them. We must do it initially at least as far as we are concerned, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out the proper assembly that allows us to achieve general peace.

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