Why Christian Peace Ensemble?

If we want to achieve peace, serenity or tranquility, to which christian peace ensemble helps us, we must discover the errors of the established, because they end up killing it.

Seeking the christian peace is the best way to achieve a  deep and lasting peace. We all know the peculiar suffering that comes from the lack of personal peace: anxieties, fears, insecurity, risks before an uncertain future. Here you will find help to overcome that suffering.

Our World

It is well said, as we can see, that an image is worth a thousand words. Having inner peace is something indispensable for each of us, something of first necessity.

And one of the keys lies in achieving that peace first individually, so that it later extends to the social peace. For it is not the case that we achieve it individually only when we already live it socially, since it happens precisely the other way around: when there is personal peace in most of us, there will also be it in our society.

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The most important aspects of christian peace

This topic is very broad. In this website I will approach it from a precise point of view, which is the one of the due ensemble of the fundamental aspects of our life, trying to discover the errors of what is established in our time in each of them. In doing so, at Christian Peace I will ensemble the issue in light of the following valuable realities:

1. Person.

2. Knowledge.

3. Love (because of this I speak of christian peace).

Our life is made up of many different elements or aspects, and it is necessary to achieve the ensemble at least of the most important in order to achieve inner peace. The term ensemble (WebsterDictionary.com, etc.) has been used to designate certain musical assemblies, since it means a harmony or unitary assembly of the various elements of the ensemble. The fundamental elements or aspects of our life, which we must assemble, are the following:

1. Our family.

2. Our education.

3. Our work.

4. Our society.

5. Our universe world.

6. Our values.

7. Our religion.

If any of these elements is missing in the ensemble, or fails or is very weak, our peace deteriorates. Hence the importance of assembling them all harmonically. The ensemble of Christian Peace indicates the purpose of leaving none of these elements out of consideration.

We usually oppose peace to war, both externally and in our interiority, both socially and individually. I will discuss this introductory topic in greater detail precisely in the articles I will devote to war and peace on this site: Christian Peace.

Below I indicate the links to the site map and several series of articles that may be convenient to start reading what is offered here.

Paulino Quevedo H., Ph. D. (philosopher).

Nov. 2019.

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This website seeks peace, first personal and then social. It tries to discover and correct the mistakes that have been established in the main aspects of our lives: politics, morals, values, religion, etc. This can be seen as something aggressive, without actually being so. It's important to read with a broad mind and without prejudice, with a critical and constructive attitude.