Values and Peace
Peace values give us stability

Speaking of peace values, little by little we become convinced that humanity is radically ill and that attempts to resolve symptoms are totally ineffective.

It is essential to go to the root of the disease, its sources, its causes. And those causes are in the use we make of our freedom, and in the deep motives that lead us to work in one way or another. Such deep motives are our values.

Let's observe that we almost always talk about our values, in a subjective way, instead of talking about values in an objective way. At present we don't like to recognize objectivity, the very reality of the universe in which we live; we want    inefficiently and uselessly    that reality suits our subjective preferences. That's the root of the disease, and hence the subjectivism, selfish individualism and relativism of our time.

Peace values must be objective

We don't like to accept that there is an objective truth; we want the truth to be relative to the subjectivity of each one. For example, today we don't like to ask what the family is, but what the family is for you, or for me, or for him, or for her. And the same happens in many fundamental matters, as in religion, morals, and so on. Antonio Machado, the Spanish poet, talks about this as follows:

Your truth?, no, the truth;

and come with me to look for it.

Yours, you keep it!

If we want to take a personal and intelligent position we must have the freedom and the courage of thinking. We must seriously take the position of the thinker.

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In superficial things, however, objective truth is accepted without difficulty. No one asks subjectively and relatively what time the plane leaves for you, or for me, or for him. Everyone asks what time the plane leaves, with full objectivity; otherwise they will run the risk of losing the plane. And so on in many other things. The objective truth is also accepted in addition and multiplication laws, in percentages and in many mathematical laws that are used to handle money.

Importance of thinking about ourselves

We all want to be happy, and we seek happiness in the values ​​we accept and adopt. But many times we take as values ​​realities that are false values. The ancient Greeks had pointed out as false values, or false paths to be happy, fame, power and wealth. Those are false values ​​because we cannot take them to the future life, after we die; which is certainly possible with authentic values, such as being, truth, good and some more. That's why false values ​​do not help us overcome the fear of death. Needless to say that, if there is fear, there can be no peace.

And little by little serious errors have been established in the field of values and of peace values. It is necessary to discover these errors and try to correct them. We have to do it initially at least as far as we are concerned, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out the due process that allows us to achieve general peace.

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