Society and Peace
Social order is opposed to war

We consider social order and human rights as areas of growing interpersonal relationships: family, education, the world of professional work. And now we are considering society. It is the same path that the child goes along as he grows.

Ideally, the result of a good education would be that as the child grows he or she would increase and consolidate his own peace; But it doesn't happen that way. The normal thing is that the child grows under increasing pressures and tensions, mainly due to the increasing competitiveness that society imposes in the various areas of human life.

It is very likely that the child, like the adolescent student, has not even raised the problem of his own lack of peace. Maybe he just want to have a little more rest and sleep, given the amount of school curricular and extracurricular activities, and faced with the pressure of social demands.

Something similar happens in adult life, although there is already a clear awareness of the need for peace, as competitiveness becomes even greater in professional work. There is a declared war between companies. And in social life we ​​must try to have money and status: good house, good cars, and so on. Advertising pressure towards consumption is increasingly aggressive, so it is easy to spend more than what you have or earn. The facilities for borrowing are also increasing, and so peace tends to disappear.

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Social order and civil authorities

If we consider civil authorities and national political life, we can easily verify that freedom and peace are deteriorating enormously. There is corruption in police areas and in many public officials. Crime and drug trafficking abound. The administration of justice is very poor. The media are not reliable. The family is being destroyed, and so on. Achieving peace is something increasingly difficult.

Our current democracies are not democracies of people, but democracies of political parties in conflict, in a deaf and cold internal war that divides the country and hinders good governance, causing many evils. Politicians do not govern primarily for the good of people, but to achieve personal interests and remain in power themselves, or to keep their party in power.

Here we find that, little by little, serious errors have been established within the ambit of social order. It is necessary to discover these errors and try to correct them. We must do it initially at least as far as we are concerned, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out the proper assembly that allows us to achieve general peace.

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