Work and Peace
Peace Work Enhances Our Own Vocation

Peace work is very important to be well paid and to avoid educational competitiveness. Increasingly, professional work requires university studies: bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

The need for a family and education ensemble extends to encompass professional work. On the other hand, competitiveness is growing, more fierce and aggressive. It is difficult to help and collaborate between companions and colleagues, with the consequence that friendships get in the way or get cold.

Personal relationships become tense between colleagues competing for the same jobs or work projects. Everyone competes to see who achieves better positions and to see who earns more money. And now that women also work professionally, such competition is more and more present, even at home, between husband and wife. In the family, the spouse who earns more money will tend to have the authority and even decide in which city the family should live.

Many women already give more importance to their work and their own professional development than to the care of their family; which is leading to physical separations in which the spouses can only see each other on weekends, and of course also to final separations and divorces. Children also suffer these realities and are affected in their family life, in their education, in their social life and in their future work.

The topic of the consequences of work on family peace will be convenient to deal with in another article, given its peculiar importance in the family and in society.

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Peace work in the laboral world

Here, on this page dedicated to mention in general the theme of work and peace, I am going to mention only the close relationship between work and peace in the laboral world, which at least today seems to be it's proper field.

Human dignity requires that human beings work in what is their vocation, that is, in what they like and for which they are better endowed. Indeed, skills and interests go hand in hand almost always, if not always. However, men today often need to earn income from jobs that are not in accordance with their vocation. The following images help us see it.

Poorly Paid Worker
Businessman With Good Income

Most of the workers are forced to work in something that does not go with their vocation, that is, that does not interest them, but it interests the one who hires them, their future boss. And since he is usually interested in enriching himself, he pays his workers very little.

This is how, without enough peace work, in our time human beings begin to be and feel alone, increasingly alone, with the consequent loss of peace, if they previously had it; and if not, with an increasingly profound and painful lack of peace.

And here we find that little by little serious errors about peace work have been established also in the ambit of our work. It is necessary to discover these errors and try to correct them. We must do it initially as far as we are concerned, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out the proper ensemble that allows us to achieve general peace.

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