Do not be angry with God is a series of articles that explain why God allows so much evil, why He works as He works and governs as He governs.

Who has not played God, daydreaming? Maybe not all of us, but certainly many, if not the majority. Why not do it again today, but seriously, and in order to better understand the divine motivations?

I invite you to take advantage of this peculiar literary resource, intellectual exercise or trick that will help us better understand why things are as they are, and why God works as He works and governs as He governs.

Just a warning and disclaimer: doing this exercise seriously can change one's life. It's not a game; and considering it a game, it can be a very "dangerous" game. It can be as blunt as one of those clinical death experiences in which, when returned to life, people see the world differently and change radically.

The following series of articles can help form a clearer vision of the meaning of the world and of life.

  1. Why does God allow so much evil? If, as we have been taught, God knows everything and can do everything, and also loves us without measure, why does He allow so much evil and so much war? Why does He allow so much suffering, even of innocent children? Our disagreements. God has created the best of all possible worlds. Evils favor love.
  2. In the sole of God's shoes. Faced with the phenomenon of annoyance with God, felt by the many that think that He is not doing things well, imagine how interesting it would be for God to grant us to act and govern according to our criteria. A world of absolutely perfect creatures. A world with the full range of perfections. A quiet and hidden God. Spiritual childhood.
  3. God created us for joy. We long to be happy because we were created for happiness, but we don't seem to be aware of it, nor do we seem to look for it intelligently. Rather we walk like men and women of the mass, after money and what fashion dictates. God creates for love. A strange cocktail. Pain, a real phenomenon.
  4. The hard part is in the detail. It is easy to tell whoever to do something. The difficult thing is to decide what should be done and who should do each thing, and how, and where, and when. And even before that, decide and make everything be as it should be, to the last detail. The general aspects. The aspects of detail. The conception of a decree. The overall functionality of a decree.
  5. The range of perfections of our world. Given our difficulty in conceiving a whole world to the last detail, a decree, let's see and analyse, at least partly, how God conceived it and did it. Create including the full range of perfections. The creation of creatures. The range of perfections created.
  6. God created with magnanimous criteria and out of love. By being magnanimous and having created for love, and for being both responsible and coherent, God planned to allow the emergence of evils in the world. Evil refers mainly to life. Objectivity or subjectivity of good. In his magnanimity God created for love.

    The following 3 articles are in the process of translation.

  7. May the evils disappear in the end. We, being imperfect, only allow the ills of our children to educate them, for their future good; and with greater reason God does so as well. Not only does He do it in the natural order. He doesn't do it with everyone in the same measure. He does not do it alone.
  8. Let people reach happiness. How can the saints be fully blissful in Heaven if they see those who they love so much suffer in this world, because they love everyone? Proto-alliance and original sin. Efficacy of Baptism. Bliss and suffering. Pain and cross.
  9. Divine magnanimity and human freedom. Christian maturity leads us to understand, increasingly better and with greater responsibility, that everything that happens and everything we do is to achieve the best of all worlds. Tranquility and concern in our actions. Collaboration with God's plan. Evil and pain in the Church.

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